after ever after

13 07 2012

I didn’t like this book because it is not the kind of book I am interested in. Even though it had many lessons, such as respect your mother, there was no real ‘action’ to the story. There were some emotional moments, such as when the brother gave the ipod full of the inspirational songs for his brother for the bike ride, or when the mother was worrying about her son’s cancer. Other than a few scenes, I did not thourougly enjoy this book.


Wisdom’s Kiss

5 07 2012

Wisdom’s Kiss was not what I had expected. I was a little disappointed with it. Catherine Gilbert Murdock is a fantastic author. I loved Princess Ben, as well as Dairy Queen. When I first picked up this book I thought it would be amazing. When I started to read the first couple of chapters I was confused. Too many characters were introduced at once. It was the type of book that had the point of view of each character as a chapter. In the middle of the book I was so confused on who was who, so I had to keep going back to the beginning and re-reading things. I was also upset with the ending. Maybe it is just me but I thought the ending should have been different. Overall, Wisdom’s Kiss was not my favorite book by Murdock.


17 08 2011

When I first began Unwind, it was a little boring and I thought it was pretty predictable. However, I pushed myself to read it until I was about a third of the book through. That’s when I couldn’t put it down. I was reading it every single chance I got. There’s so much action and passion in the story that you can’t pull yourself away from it. Also, the ending is completely unexpected! Throughout the book, I felt like I was friends with the main characters and was nervous for their future. Neal Shusterman has done such and amazing job pulling Unwind together!! Totally an awesome choice!

The Gollywhopper Games

17 08 2011

The Gollywhopper Games, is a fun, entertaining book, that will keep you reading from cover to cover. It’s about a boy names Gil Goodsonwho wants to move away from all the commotion from the Incident. They will move if Gil win the Gollywhopper Games, he’ll have to complete mind bending puzzles, and master crazy Stunts as they call it in the book. Friendships among the players will be crushed when the competion heats up. I hope you read this book.


17 08 2011

An autobiography of the time he spent in a concentration camp, Elie Wiesel creates a vivid picture of the life of a Jewish person during Hitler’s regime. Forced into a ghetto, at age fifteen, along with his Jewish community, Wiesel thinks that his situation cannot get any worse. However, he is mistaken when he finds out that he will be sent to Auschwitz, a concentration camp. This a gripping tale of the courage it takes to never give up on yourself or the people you love.


Chinese Cinderella

1 07 2011

You might think this book sounds like it is for little kids, but it isn’t. It is about a girl named Wu Mei.  She lives with her stepmother or there Niang(chinese for mother), Aunt baba, her many siblings, Ye Ye (grand father), Nai Nai (grandmother), and her father.  She is treated poorly by her stepmother and has to walk to school.  She won’t take the money her Aunt baba or her Ye Ye  our offering her to take the tram.  She isn’t allowed to, her Stepmother told her not to she told her siblings too.  All her siblings take the tram when they aren’t allowed, but she wants to follow the rules.  This is a great book I got to chapter 9 in 1 hour and 16 minutes.  I couldn’t put it down.

A Thousand Splendid Suns

19 08 2010

A Thousand Splendid Suns
by Khaled Hosseini

Written after The Kite Runner,  this book takes place in Afghanistan with overlapping events. Instead of a tale of two boys, however, it defines the lives of two women, Laila and Mariam, in a period of turmoil and change . 

As an illegitamate child of a powerful man of Herat, a city in Afghanistan, and his housekeeper, Mariam felt that her birth prevented her from having a claim on things that legitamate people had: love, forgiveness and aceptance.  Brought up by her bitter mother, she grew to be meek, and to accept her situation without complaint: to follow others because ingrained in her mind she believed she was a half person. Married off because her father wanted to finally get rid of the shame of fathering a child out of wed lock, she becomes the wife of Rasheed, who is more than twice as old as herself at the time.  AFter failing again and again in pregnacy, he finds her a burdan and abuses her. He complains of her food, the cleanliness of the house and her withering looks. Nothing MAriam can do pleases him as it once had: when he had hopes and saw her as his fresh young bride.

Rasheed digs a girl out of the ruins of her house, which was bombed and killed the rest of her family. He makes her his wife. He name is Laila, and although she doesnt love him, she needs his shelter and protection in dangerous times.

Mariam is furious. Rasheed is more than 60 now, and the girl is 14. She feels that the girl threatens her fragile and unhappy life within Rasheed’s walls. The life that she strongly dislikes, but is all she has.

But, when Laila stands up to Rasheed for Mariam’s sake, she allows her walls to come down and let in the friendship and care that Laila wants to give to Mariam. Afterwards, they are a team. Braving life’s cruel winds together.

A Thousand Splendid Suns is just as good as the Kite Runner. It addresses what it means to love and what it takes to give it. I is a story of redemption and of acceptance. It reminds us that we can be alone or choose a way out. And ultimately, it is a quest of happiness and sacrifice for those you love.