Abundance- A Novel of Marie Antoinette

9 04 2008

by Sena Jeter Naslund

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The French Revolution directly implies the name of the famous queen Marie Antoinette. After that name comes to mind, we recall how her life ended; via the guillotine.  It’s not often that someone suggests, however, that this was a cruel fate for her. After all, she drove the French people into turmoil with her frivolous purchases, gambling, and scandals- she was asking for it, right?

In “Abundance”, Naslund takes a different side than the one we usually hear. She adopts the voice of Marie Antoinette, telling the tale from the young queen’s point of view. As a reader, you will not only be convinced of the unjust nature of her fate, but will find a character whom you can relate to.

This novel deserves to be historical fiction, despite the genre it was placed under. 

Save it for a rainy day- this is a read you’ll have trouble putting down! – Carly





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