18 06 2009


by Anthony Horowitz

The latest book in the Alex Rider series.  Alex proves to be a true patriot of the WORLD.  In this installment of the acclaimed series, after just being rocketed to earth from Ark Angel, Alex helps the British to find the most powerful non-nuclear bomb but also helps the Australian Secret Service take done the worlds most dangerous and ruthless gang, Snakehead.  To get alex involved though, the Australians brought in someone who Alex would be forced to work with, his godfather, Ash.  Ash has barely been there for Alex, now will he stick by him when it really matters and protect Alex from Snakehead. 

Snakehead is a criminal organization under the control of Major Yu, a member of the Scorpia executive board.  They posses the ability to kill thousands of people all to make some money.

Will Alex be able to stop Scopia?  What does his godfather have to do with it?  And, will he be able to survive without Scorpia killing him?





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