Distant Waves

30 06 2009

9780545085724by Suzanne Weyn
In this book, five sisters must live with their supernatural mother. To start off with, the mother performes seances. a seance is when the medium calls upon a spirit to show itself. if the spirit choses to reveal itself, it will kick the medium’s spirit out of it’s body and the spirit will then enter the body. The mother makes a living off of doing this. The mother makes enough money for them to move, the mother decides to move to a place called spirit vale. On the journey, mother, Jane, Mimi, Emma, and Amelie meet a man named tesla. they meet him in a miniature man-made earthquake. they meet and greet each other, then say goodbye. The family then goes to spirit vale. In Spirit Vale, they find a hotel. There, mother convinces the manager of a hotel that she can see the manager’s dead husband. the manager then takes them in for free, as long as they will work for her. Jane finds her inner talent, which is writing. she stumbles upon a writing competition, in which the journalist must write an interview. the man jane picks to interview is none other than, the great, Tesla. Tesla lives in new york city, wheras Jane live in spirit vale. Jane tells Mimi this, when all of a sudden, Mimi has a plan. Mimi thinks they should sneak off to new york city together. so, as with all brilliant ideas, they put it to action at once.
While Jane is interviewing tesla, Mimi meets Ninette. Ninette is a rich girl who adores fasion as much as Mimi. Mimi thinks that the rich society is better for her, so she runs off with ninette, leaving Jane alone.
Jane returns to Spirit Vale to find that a medium her mother is absoulutly OBSESSED with, has given them tickets to a boat headed for england.
In england, the family, not including mimi, go to a “peace” convention. at the convention, they try to contact queen victoria in a medium circle. Mother convinces the other mediums to let the twins, Emma and Amelie, to join them. While they are summoning the Queen, Emma jumps up and says “Surging rivers of gushing blood!” Then she warns all the mediums, through a voice that was not emmas, that there would be a war.
After the convention, their youngest sister, Blythe, recieves a job on the titanic and, being realistic immidiatly sets out to go. But, with a whol family of mediums, it is predicted that the titanic will sink. Now that Mimi and Blythe are on that boat, Jane, Emma, and Amelie, go on the boat to find them. While they are searching, the boat leaves the dock, with all five sisters on it.
Will all of the sisters survive? Will the titanic sink sooner or later? Read this amazing book to find out!




3 responses

26 04 2010

reading it right now! i was so happy when i came apon this entry. we have the same type of style. any good reccomendations for me?

26 04 2010
Scranton Library Book Blog

I haven’t read the book, but look at the record for it in the library catalog . There are suggestions from readers who liked Distant Waves…

11 06 2010

i love a lot of books. i reccomend you to read Jessicas Guide to dating on the dark side. its an awesome book!

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