My Life In Pink and Green

30 06 2009

9780810983526by Lisa Greenwald
This is a really great book about a girl who lives with her mom and grandma. Her sister is away at college, and her family is having financial troubles. It is up to Lucy Desberg (the main character) to keep her family together, and keep their house and their beloved pharmacy that has always been a hang out spot. This book was so good i read it in four hours.




2 responses

9 08 2009

yeah…but what is the book about???

15 11 2010
Abby M.

Yeah! I really didn’t hear much of a description on the story. All you really said was, she lives with her mom and grandma while her sister is at college, and that her family has finacial problems adding the fact that her grandma and mom own a pharmacy! Needs better desription, I would like to hear more so I can decide whether or not to have checked out that book!

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