Drums, Girls, and Dangerous pie

10 07 2009

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by Jordan Sonnenblick
This book was really great. When the main character’s little brother was diagnosed with luekimia, the book really changed its direction. It was about the struggles of this family, but it was also surprisingly funny. Not only was it about having to deal with the cancer, but the main character was a teenage boy, so he dealt with school that he was missing, his band practice schedule and just trying to fit in, so the book had its funny moments. It seemed that one of the greatest parts of the book was when the band concert was turned into a benefit concert for the family because they were losing money from paying the hospital bills. Everyone joined together to create a program with ads and shout outs, to hold a bake sale and more. It just seemed like one of the nicest things anyone could do. And not only did they raise money, but because the brother had lost all of his hair, everyone in the band either got really short haircuts and even shaved their head. To me, this was a very touching moment in this book. All in all, this was great book that gave the message to be strong no matter what, and i would reccomend this book to anyone.




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10 07 2009
Scranton Library Book Blog

I loved this book; in fact, I love everything this author writes. The original covers of most of his books are awful, so I think a lot of people don’t pick them up -I’m glad you did! There is a sequel to D,G, and DP coming out in February, 2010!

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