A Hat Full of Sky

12 08 2009

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written by  Terry Pratchett
“A Hat Full of Sky” is the second book in the “Wee Free Men” trilagy, and continues fallowing Tiffany Aching on her adventures. In this book Tiffany is learning how to become a proper which. Whiches aren’t the evil, laughing green things people think they are. They are kind and go around their villages caring for the sick and old, making sure there are no arguments over animals or land, and do other little bits of kindness. While Tiffany is learning how to do this propally, an evil, deadly creature enters the world she’s in. It is a hiver. Hivers can’t be seen or killed. They enter your head and control your brain, and you go mad for power. Eventually they take over all of you and then you die. Tiffany gets a hiver in her head and goes crazy with power. She steals and threatens all of the village, but part of her remains in her head. That part waits and watches as the hiver, in Tiffany’s body, takes and scares. Eventually that part of Tiffany thrust the hiver out when it does’t expect it, but it wasn’t in time. Half of Mrs. Leavl ,another which with two bodies, was killed. While Tiffany and some of her fellow whiches try to settle back down after Tiffany is back to normal, the Hiver lurks in the shadows, and waits for its chance…




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