12 08 2009

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Pack, then move, unpack. Pack, move, unpack, pack. This was the constant pattern Domenica Santolina Doone, (Dinnie, for short) was forced to live by, in Sharon Creech’s BLOOMABILITY. Dinnie’s father simply could not hold down a job, so their little family of five was always on the move, in the search of his next “great oppurtunity”. But this was not the worst. Stella and Crick, Dinnie’s two older siblings did not lead great lives themselves. Stella one night eloped {marry without anyone knowing} and then became pregnant, and her husband/her son”s father left to join the military. Crick was always in-and-out of jail, all the time!!!  Despite those little bumps in the road, Dinnie loved her family, and quite enjoyed this unique life. That love did not hide the obvious fact that this poor family {just full of bad examples} was not the propper upbringing for a child. The family’s mother knew that very well, which prompted her to have her only sane child to pack her things–because she would be living with her middle-class Aunt Sandy and Uncle Max. Uncle Max was the headmaster at an American school, located convientally in…SWITZERLAND!!!! The home of swiss cheese! And now, the home of Domenica Santolina Doone. She was not fond of this idea…not one little bit! Luckily Dinnie was able to ‘see the sky’ when she makes a group of very close friends, including the ever-sassy, not to mention RUDE Lila {why was Dinnie friends with her???} the sweet Mari, the ‘stew-pod’ Keisuke, and most important–the super-amazing, Guthrie!!! He was the first person who met and befriended Dinnie…but will they become more than just that?
Though this seemed like one of those books that would be total jank, that after the first thirty pages you absolutley cannot stand, I could not put BLOOMABILITY down! It was really amazing!!!! I would absolutley reccomend this book to anyone who is looking for a breath-taking page turner. This is possibly one of the best books EVER written–so what are you waiting for? Explore all the bloomabilities of this fantastic novel.




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