The Alchemyst: The Secrets of The Immortal Nicholas Flamel

12 08 2009

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THE ALCHEMYST by Micheal Scott has the perfect balence of mystery, suspence, action, and love (brother sister love…there’s no Edward and Bella here! The same emotion one has to a newborn baby sister or a pet cat). This is a can’t-miss novel about the legend of Nicholas Flamel. According to these legends, Nicholas was born in 1330, and even though he should have died somewhere in the 1400’s, he is still very much alive-due to the Book of The Abraham of The Mage. This sacred text contains the secrets of ‘enternal life’. These legends are 100% true.
The manuscript has been safe for many, many a year, but now the fate of the document, not to mention the human race is at stake, because of one man, Dr. John Dee, who recently sent monsters to steal the Book of The Abraham of The Mage. He not only has the key to life as we know it, but now he has Nicholas Flamel’s wife, too. He musn’t just be stopped, he needs to be ended.
Nicholas quickly lines up Josh Newman and his twin sister, Sophie, two mere, untrained mortals to get his book, and wife back, and to save all of Humanity.
Will Dr. John Dee be stopped? Will Sophie and Josh pull through? What will happen next? Read THE ALCHEMYST: THE SECRETS OF THE IMMORTAL NICHOLAS FLAMEL, to find out!




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