World War Z

12 08 2009

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by Max Brooks
World War Z is a series of interviews of survivors of the Zombie World War (which ended 12 years ago, and lasted 10 years). A nameless interviewer interviews about one hundred different people, and each interview adds to the story. No one knows how The Zombie World War began. The first known case of “African Rabies” (which is what they called it, before they found out that it wasn’t rabies) was discovered 22 years ago. A doctor was called in. He was asked to treat 5 patients. They have been bitten by someone human, and are dying. The doctor (the first interviewee) speaks of one patient in particular, called nowadays, Patient Zero. When the boy had his pulse checked, there was none, yet, he was still able to function. The book proceeds on from there, as the disease grows. This book keeps you on the edge of your seat, and by the first 30 pages, you are gripping your book (or in my case, Kindle) so tight your knuckles turn white. It is a bit graphic, and at times, pretty darn freaky, but it is worth the commitment (which isn’t that big, considering it’s only about 300 pages.)




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