8 04 2010

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An amazing book. While the language and writing style of the book itself is not perfect or outstanding, the abstract concept of the story itself is truly breathe-taking.
A place you go after you die…where you live until you’re born again. A place exactly the same, yet totally different, where everything is backwards.
I was truly engrossed from the moment I picked it up, and this is one of those books that I’ve read so many times after that initial reading that I’ve lost count.
It talks about relationships, depression, and just plain figuring out who you are, and where you, as a person, fit in in this world.
With sharp clarity it brings into focus to plight of a teenage girl who makes it so far, only to end up going backwards, and to find that “maybe a life lived backwards isn’t so different from a life lived fowards” after all.




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