Sisters Red

12 07 2010

Sisters Red
by Jackson Pearce
The book Sisters Red was amazing I was looking for a werewolf and romance kind of story since I like Twilight so much.  I could hardly put it down because there was constantly action on every page! The book centers on two sisters, one named Scarlett and the other Rosie they both hunt the wolves since in their childhood a wolf brutally attacked their home!  Now Scarlett is covered in scars with only one eye she wants to avenge them!  But there has been an outburst in Atlanta of werewolves that need to be stopped but perhaps there is a greater mystery to why the wolves are there.  Along the way Rosie falls in love with Silas a woodsman who is one of Scarlett’s only friends.  But Rosie doesn’t want to betray her sister!  once again great book.




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