Marley & Me

13 07 2010

Marley & Me
by John Grogan
Most of us have heard of the movie, maybe even the book, but although I haven’t seen the film, the book is great.

In this non fiction novel about his wildly destructive dog, John Grogan delivers that although Marley was costly and psychopathic, he knew what it meant to be man’s best friend.

Marley is at once endearing and hilarious with unique antics that frustrate and amuse his sometimes not so patient family members.

Although this story is supposed to be about Marley, Grogan also takes you through the journey of his life as a husband and father, producing a Polaroid shot of a family that loved a dog who shredded their houses to pieces. A dog that is not at all easy to love : especially on a budget.

Heartwarming says it all, Marley and Me is a perfect read on a rainy day.




4 responses

1 10 2010
Abby M.

I love dogs! Mostly Marley, from Marley and Me!! Marley is the biggest trouble maker to his owners! It reminds me of a book I read in 4th grade, No Dogs Allowed!! It is about a sweet girl with two very important parents and grand-parents. Her loving horse that she owned since she was little had died so now she is heartbroken and never wants a pet again. One or two years later, things go back to normal and her birthday starts to come around. She has a surpise birthday party and has her friends and family there and she has a blast!! 😀 Except present time comes around and her parents get her a . . . . . A PUPPY!!!!!!
Now she is afraid of another pet heart-ache and everything goes ad-normal!!

5 07 2011

I read that book!!!

5 07 2011

Marley and Me made me cry at the end.

4 08 2011

My dog is exactly like marley

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