Charlie Bone and The Time Twister

15 07 2010

Charlie Bone and the Time Twister
By: Jenny Nimmo
Charlie Bone isn’t my usual read. I’ve had The Time Twister paperback from a 4th grade bingo winning, but it’s not horrible.

Although I don’t absolutely love this book, I picked it up because I had nothing left to read and found that it wasn’t bad. In fact, it kept me interested until my next visit to the library.

Charlie Bone and the Time Twister is the second in the series, where Henry, the long lost brother of Charlie’s grandfather is sucked from his time of 1916 and into Charlie Bone’s life. Henry, who had angered his cousin Ezekel Bloor, founnd a magic marble, planted by Ezekel, that sent him whipping through time.

Ezekel discovers that his cousin is back, as young as the day he sent him packing, and Henry, thrust into a situation where most people he knows are dead and can trust no one becomes a hunted boy…

The Charlie Bone series is a bit of a Harry Potter ripoff, but if you have nothing else to read, it will do just fine.




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8 07 2011

Is Harry Potter better?

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