Sleepaway Girls

25 07 2010

Sleepaway Girls
by Jen Calonita
AMAZING BOOK!! It is about a girl named Sam Montgomery who decides to take a break from her life dealing with her best friend, Mal, and her new boyfriend, Mark, to experience camp for the first time as a CIT (counseler in training) With the hottest counseler in camp on her radar, Sam becomes an instant “celebrity.” However, boys, friends, and hilarious pranks are only the beginning. The camp’s “it girl”, Ashley, doesnt like Sam’s new popularity and will do anything to get back to the top. Thus, the rivalry begins. Sam learns to survive the horrors of being a teenager and has a blast at camp with her group of friends they call the Sleepaway Girls. This book is constantly connecting teens to the modern world so it is so easy to relate to. Twilight fans will enjoy the love triangle that gives the book its unexpected twists. 5 stars!!!!




One response

1 10 2010

i love this book and i love this booook

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