17 08 2011

When I first began Unwind, it was a little boring and I thought it was pretty predictable. However, I pushed myself to read it until I was about a third of the book through. That’s when I couldn’t put it down. I was reading it every single chance I got. There’s so much action and passion in the story that you can’t pull yourself away from it. Also, the ending is completely unexpected! Throughout the book, I felt like I was friends with the main characters and was nervous for their future. Neal Shusterman has done such and amazing job pulling Unwind together!! Totally an awesome choice!




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11 01 2012

I do agree with you. At first, the book was simple and I only read because I had nothing else better to do. However, when things got going, the book suddenly turn compelling and depressing. I love/liked the characters but found myself thinking of Connor as a hero as much as the other kids in the story. He is very brave and I liked the adaption of his and Risa’s love. Not to mention his great rivalry. This book actually turned so sad! I felt like crying on some parts! My older sister asked about it and when I told her some key plots (a.k.a. spoild it for her) I was actually surprised to see tears running down her face. She exclaimed that she would never read the book because it was to sad and disturbing. But it lets you know that Shusterman is a great author. I loved this book and was really happy with the way it ended.

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