Be a Book Reviewer!

Welcome to the Scranton Library Teen BookBlog! 
This blog has been started as a  way to share all those great, and not so great, titles we are reading.  If you would like to  contribute a review, just follow the directions below.  If you are having trouble, or have questions, email  Chris Angeli, the Teen Librarian at Scranton. Posts and comments will NOT be edited, however they will be reviewed.  Please refrain from using inappropriate language, or inflammatory comments.   All posts need to be signed, but only first names will be displayed.  Get Reading!

Go to

  1. Log in with the following username and password: 
    User name: madisonteen
    Password:  madison*
  2. On the left side the opening page you will see a box that says “Welcome back, madisonteen”.  In the box there is a list of your blogs; click on slbookblog
  3. You will be directed to a page titled Dashboard
  4. On the right hand side of the Dashboard page is a box titled QuickPress.
  5. In the QuickPress box, type the title of your book in the title field.
  6. Type your review in the content field.
  7. Add any tags. You can tag your book with any words you would like – these are words that you feel would be of interest to someone looking for the book.
  8. When finished, click submit for review. That’s it! 

Your review will NOT be posted until I review it. WordPress will notify me when there are “drafts” pending review.  Therefore, on the top of the screen, you may see drafts submitted by others waiting for approval.  Please do not edit any one else’s postings! But do feel free to add comments to other reviews. Please put your full name on your draft, I will delete the last name before publishing and add cover photos of the book.  
If you have signed up for the 2010 Teen Summer Reading Program, Make Waves @ Your Library, please include your full name and the prize bucket you would like to win; I will fill out the raffle ticket for you. You can earn one ticket per review; reviews should be at least one paragraph in length. Please do not review a book that has already been reviewed.

Chris Angeli
Teen Librarian
Scranton Library



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2 02 2008

This looks great!!

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