after ever after

13 07 2012

I didn’t like this book because it is not the kind of book I am interested in. Even though it had many lessons, such as respect your mother, there was no real ‘action’ to the story. There were some emotional moments, such as when the brother gave the ipod full of the inspirational songs for his brother for the bike ride, or when the mother was worrying about her son’s cancer. Other than a few scenes, I did not thourougly enjoy this book.


Wisdom’s Kiss

5 07 2012

Wisdom’s Kiss was not what I had expected. I was a little disappointed with it. Catherine Gilbert Murdock is a fantastic author. I loved Princess Ben, as well as Dairy Queen. When I first picked up this book I thought it would be amazing. When I started to read the first couple of chapters I was confused. Too many characters were introduced at once. It was the type of book that had the point of view of each character as a chapter. In the middle of the book I was so confused on who was who, so I had to keep going back to the beginning and re-reading things. I was also upset with the ending. Maybe it is just me but I thought the ending should have been different. Overall, Wisdom’s Kiss was not my favorite book by Murdock.


17 08 2011

When I first began Unwind, it was a little boring and I thought it was pretty predictable. However, I pushed myself to read it until I was about a third of the book through. That’s when I couldn’t put it down. I was reading it every single chance I got. There’s so much action and passion in the story that you can’t pull yourself away from it. Also, the ending is completely unexpected! Throughout the book, I felt like I was friends with the main characters and was nervous for their future. Neal Shusterman has done such and amazing job pulling Unwind together!! Totally an awesome choice!

The Gollywhopper Games

17 08 2011

The Gollywhopper Games, is a fun, entertaining book, that will keep you reading from cover to cover. It’s about a boy names Gil Goodsonwho wants to move away from all the commotion from the Incident. They will move if Gil win the Gollywhopper Games, he’ll have to complete mind bending puzzles, and master crazy Stunts as they call it in the book. Friendships among the players will be crushed when the competion heats up. I hope you read this book.


17 08 2011

An autobiography of the time he spent in a concentration camp, Elie Wiesel creates a vivid picture of the life of a Jewish person during Hitler’s regime. Forced into a ghetto, at age fifteen, along with his Jewish community, Wiesel thinks that his situation cannot get any worse. However, he is mistaken when he finds out that he will be sent to Auschwitz, a concentration camp. This a gripping tale of the courage it takes to never give up on yourself or the people you love.


This Lullaby

8 04 2010

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By Sarah Dessen, are words on a book that can’t go wrong. All the books I’ve read by her are fantastic. In this particular book, a once-party girl, Remy, has rules about love and dating. After the initial rush of feelings and before it’s too serious, she dumps her current guy. That is until she meets Dexter. He is a musician and is a slob. She hates musicians and slob, but there is something about Dexter that makes it impossible for Remy to dump him. That is until she does… I was so caught up in this book that I read through the night and breakfast the next day. My mom had to tear it out of my hands when we went to the beach. Dessen writes from the heart of a broken teenager with a bad role model for love. Her mom is working on husband number five. Her brother is an oddity that anyone can relate to. Remy herself is a character that will stick with you. She leaps off the page and makes you pity her or agree with her, even when she is wrong. She is a character that you feel is like that person you know or yourself or your best friend. The point is we all know a Remy. It is amazing the power of a few words to make a book truly spectacular.


8 04 2010

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An amazing book. While the language and writing style of the book itself is not perfect or outstanding, the abstract concept of the story itself is truly breathe-taking.
A place you go after you die…where you live until you’re born again. A place exactly the same, yet totally different, where everything is backwards.
I was truly engrossed from the moment I picked it up, and this is one of those books that I’ve read so many times after that initial reading that I’ve lost count.
It talks about relationships, depression, and just plain figuring out who you are, and where you, as a person, fit in in this world.
With sharp clarity it brings into focus to plight of a teenage girl who makes it so far, only to end up going backwards, and to find that “maybe a life lived backwards isn’t so different from a life lived fowards” after all.